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Executive Committee

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Executive Team

Scott Abdon,  President    
Looking for Volunteers, Vice President
Tom A
ufenthie, Past President
Mark Lawrence, Historian     macalawrences@yahoo.com  
Mel Chase, Secretary-Treasurer      aplchase@bmi.net

Oregon PLF Representatives  Dick Prather and Rich Whitley
Washington PLF Representatives   Van Manning and Geoff Middaugh

Kath Collier, Web Assistant

Each calendar year the current elected officers, the immediate past President, and three members appointed by the current President shall constitute an Executive Committee.

Under direction of the President, the Executive Committee shall conduct necessary business according to the Bylaws that cannot be delayed until the next business meeting and shall plan for field trips and special projects as well as regular meetings.

The President or a majority of the members of the Executive Committee may call a special meeting.

Business meetings will be held bi-annually. Location and time for all meetings will be decided by the Executive Committee.

Funds will be maintained in a special bank account and used specifically for expenses (postage, reproduction, etc.) incurred in furthering our program, and projects decided upon by the members. The Secretary-Treasurer or the President are authorized to sign checks on behalf of the organization.

Next meeting To be scheduled
Topics Fall Tour
Estimated Budget

Estimated Income:  $250 (based on estimated 50 member donations @$5)

Potential Expenses:
..Website $60-80
..Mailing & duplication $50
..Invitation cards $100
..Contributions to offset event costs $120-140

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